What if  you already have everything you need to feel true happiness, freedom, and joy?


Frustrated or stuck and not sure how to move forward?

Super hard and critical of yourself?

Ashamed of your emotions?

Toxic religion, or spirituality, in your past?

Questioning your worth or trying to fit in with the wrong (for you) crowd?

Mind wandering to a million thoughts that often lead to self-sabotage or overwhelm?

Know there’s something more?

Have big dreams but not sure where to start?

Not fully using your gifts and know you have more to give?

Want to leave behind a legacy and make the world a better place?

Just want to be happy? 

I support you on your path to inner peace.

• Truly love yourself, so you can attract love in all aspects of your life

• Get clear on your soul’s desires and calling, so you can make conscious decisions on how you show up in your life

• Get unstuck and start taking inspired action

• Learn to focus your mind so you can get more accomplished, more quickly

• Learn to process difficult emotions in a healthy way so you don’t need to bury your emotions and so you don’t need to feel guilt or shame for having perfectly normal feelings

• Become more AWARE of your emotions, so you can stay composed and not loose your shit at the amusement park when your kid starts having a meltdown

• Recharge your energy so you don’t have to plop down in front of the TV every day after work because you’re so drained

• Be more loving towards yourself so you can stop beating yourself up and coach yourself through your own limiting beliefs

• Stop running on autopilot and learn to consciously CREATE your own well-being

• Learn to self-regulate so you can calm your over-stimulated mind and nervous system, and come back to peace and center

• Learn to focus your awareness on the present moment so you can enjoy the little moments of life that are so easy to miss

• Reframe failure as learning so you can bounce back more quickly and stay committed to your goals

• Step into your potential so you can fully show up to do your part in making the world a better place

• Be responsible for and create your emotions, so you notice, create, and appreciate more positive life experiences

• Nurture your relationship with your self, so you can stop holding yourself back and allow yourself to fully shine your light, without worrying about what anyone else thinks

• Develop or strengthen your relationship with God, so you can experience true inner peace 

One to one coaching

I support seekers (of happiness, inner peace, relationship with God, self-love, and relationship with self) on their journey to enlightenment, so you can enjoy the true peace and happiness that’s already yours.

Groups + Organizations

I work with businesses and organizations to provide Mindfulness training to help staff focus, cope with stress, avoid overwhelm, find joy in little moments, and be PRESENT for their students, clients, and co-workers. 

Let's work Together

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